Approach and Process

When specifying the investment policy of the client we strive to understand what their investment goals are and what risk level they are inclined to take. That’s why we have an individual approach to every client and propose investment strategy, complied with their investment goals.


Step 1
Investment Policy 
Specifying the investment policy in accordance with the investment goals, including the requirements for yield and preferences to the risk level, as well as investment limitations, considering the time horizon of the investor, liquidity needs, taxation, legal requirements and other specific circumstances and preferences of the investor.

Step 2
Investment Strategy 
Formulating the investment strategy for the investor on the grounds of the investment policy, financial and economic conditions.

Step 3
Portfolio Structuring
Structuring “unique” portfolio by the specified types of assets, their optimum ratio, as well as possible deviations of the ratios.

Step 4
Portfolio Restructuring
Restructuring the “normal” portfolio in compliance with the changes in the investment goals and investor’s limitations and market conditions.

Step 5
Portfolio Evaluation 
Periodic evaluation of the real portfolio performance.