A member of the BAAMC

DV Asset Management is one of the founder-members of the Bulgarian Association of Asset Management Companies (BAAMC), which was founded by eight licensed asset management companies. From the time of its establishment on 30 November 2004 until July 2011DV Asset Management has been presiding the Association Board of Directors.

As a member of BAAMC the company actively participates in all the events involving the Association, including presentation of its activities at the Banks Investments Money International Financial Expo (Plovdiv, February 2005), in the journalists workshop (Borovets, November 2005), in the students‘ training program of Аtanas Burov Foundation – Contractual Funds Module (Bankya, September 2006), etc.

DV Asset Management contributes very actively to the Association efforts in devising propositions for amendments and supplementations to the laws regulating the activities of asset management companies and of collective investment schemes with the purpose to further its modern development and harmonization with the European Union legislation.