Asset Management Industry

The asset management companies are one of the main participants on the capital markets. These companies offer professional management of the investments, which allows the institutional investors to focus on the development of their main business. The individual investors and companies look for investment alternatives of the bank deposit, which could be provided only by professional managers.

Using an outside investment management has its advantages. The institutional investors realize significant reduce in the expenses due to reduce of the management expenses. Considering the amount of the managed funds, the asset management companies also have significant decrease from the scope, from which the clients also realize profits. And last, but not least, the guarantee for professional management of the asset management company allows the clients to use professional management of their investments. On a worldwide scale the Financial Asset Management Companies manage assets in mutual funds for billions of dollars.

Our clients

As of 31.03.2024  DV Asset Management manages and consults the financial asset management of large individual and industrial investors for a total value of BGN 6,239 billion: