Units’ Prices

The units of DV Dynamic are publicly offered since 7 september 2005.

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Net asset Value per Unit of DV Dynamic since the beginning of the activity

NAV DateIssue priceRedemption priceIssue price (if transferring from DV Balance – Class A (Harmony))Issue price (if transferring from DV Eurobond)Net Asset Value per unit
01.06.2023BGN 9.4607BGN 9.1824BGN 9.4468N/ABGN 9.2752
31.05.2023BGN 9.4174BGN 9.1404BGN 9.4035N/ABGN 9.2327
30.05.2023BGN 9.4352BGN 9.1577BGN 9.4213N/ABGN 9.2502
29.05.2023BGN 9.4414BGN 9.1637BGN 9.4275N/ABGN 9.2563
26.05.2023BGN 9.4574BGN 9.1793BGN 9.4435N/ABGN 9.2720
25.05.2023BGN 9.4161BGN 9.1392BGN 9.4023N/ABGN 9.2315
23.05.2023BGN 9.4920BGN 9.2128BGN 9.4781N/ABGN 9.3059
22.05.2023BGN 9.5512BGN 9.2703BGN 9.5371N/ABGN 9.3639
19.05.2023BGN 9.5354BGN 9.2549BGN 9.5213N/ABGN 9.3484
18.05.2023BGN 9.5163BGN 9.2364BGN 9.5023N/ABGN 9.3297
17.05.2023BGN 9.4730BGN 9.1944BGN 9.4591N/ABGN 9.2873
16.05.2023BGN 9.4517BGN 9.1737BGN 9.4378N/ABGN 9.2664
15.05.2023BGN 9.5047BGN 9.2251BGN 9.4907N/ABGN 9.3183
12.05.2023BGN 9.4887BGN 9.2096BGN 9.4747N/ABGN 9.3026
11.05.2023BGN 9.4559BGN 9.1778BGN 9.4420N/ABGN 9.2705
10.05.2023BGN 9.4482BGN 9.1703BGN 9.4343N/ABGN 9.2629
09.05.2023BGN 9.4330BGN 9.1555BGN 9.4191N/ABGN 9.2480
05.05.2023BGN 9.4248BGN 9.1476BGN 9.4109N/ABGN 9.2400
04.05.2023BGN 9.3770BGN 9.1012BGN 9.3632N/ABGN 9.1931
03.05.2023BGN 9.3910BGN 9.1148BGN 9.3772N/ABGN 9.2069

You can save the  units’ prices  data of DV Dynamic and relevant prices for transfer from DV Mutual Funds to DV Dynamic for a specific period in .xls format. Select a period from the calendar and press the Export button.


The value of units of DV Asset Management mutual funds and the income from them can go down. Profit is not guaranteed and investors may not recover the full amount invested. Investments in units of DV Asset Management mutual funds are not guaranteed by a guarantee fund established by the State or any other warranty. Previous performance of mutual funds do not necessarily guide to future results. Please refer to the Prospectus of the UCITS and to the KID before making any final investment decisions.