The control in DV Asset Management is exercised by Legal Compliance Department, which monitors for compliance with the internal rules in the company, intended to provide compliance with the legal requirements for the activity of the collective investment schemes and other enterprises for collective investment, as well as all other laws and bylaws governing the company's activities and the mutual funds, the investment policies of managed portfolios, as well as good commercial practice. The Financial Supervision Commission supervises the managing companies to ensure compliance with the law. Each quarter DV Asset Management sends financial statements and statement of capital adequacy and liquidity to the Financial Supervision Commission.


The managing company maintains daily records in a manner that excludes the deletion or replacement of data. Separate records are maintained for each client. At least once a month DV Asset Management sends a written report with information to the client, including:

  • changes made in the portfolio structure and reasoning for them;
  • the portfolio value as of the beginning and the end of the accounting period;
  • the expenses made during the accounting period for maintenance of the activity or the portfolio.

Security and Confidentiality

  • The managed assets remain client’s property. They are not part of the assets/liabilities of the managing company.
  • Strict investment and operational procedures guarantee low level of operational risk.
  • Supervision on the investment process, exercised by Legal Compliance Department and the Board of Directors of the company, as well as the Financial Supervision Commission.