About Us

DV Asset Management is an asset management company initially licensed in 2002 and further licensed in 2005 by the Financial Supervision Commission, which offers investment products and services to local and foreign individual and institutional clients. The company is among the major assets managing companies in Bulgaria and it specializes in the management and consulting of financial assets portfolios valued in total to more than BGN 6,239 billion (as of 31.03.2024 ). The company holds a license under the Public Offering of Securities Act based on authorization letter № 135-УД/21.08.2002.

DV Asset Management provides the following services:

  • Management of mutual funds
  • Management of portfolios of institutional and individual investors
  • Consultations on investments in securities

Major advantages:

  • Professional investment management is provided by a team of portfolio managers with long-time experience in capital markets
  • Modern information systems help the decision-making process in the professional management of investments
  • Economies of scale make further contributions for the profit of clients
  • Optimal results from the managed portfolios are obtained in a dynamic market environment
  • Accountability, control and transparency in relations with clients