This questionnaire was created to help you understand your decision to the levels of the expected yield and acceptable risk. The test result could help you during the process of selection of fund(s) and appropriate distribution of your funds. The test itself should not be considered an investment advice. The professionals in DV Asset Management are at your disposal for free consultation.

1. For what period would you invest your funds?

2.  What is your investment goal?

3.  How do you expect your incomes to change during the period of investment in the Mutual Funds?

  my incomes will decrease

4. Which of the following is closest to your position for investment in a Mutual Fund?

I prefer investments, lowering to the maximum the possibility of decrease of the funds invested by me during the year, despite this will lead to limitation of my yield in a long-term plan

5. Which of the following exemplary developments for your investment in Mutual Funds do you prefer? The illustration depicts the corresponding yield for each year of a 5 year period, and the last figure expresses the average annual yield for the entire period.

  1 year 2 year 3 year 4 year 5 year Average annual yield for the period

6.  If you learn that the capital markets have fallen significantly and your investment in a mutual fund has reduced its value by 7% in one day, what would your reaction be:

I won’t rush withdrawing my funds when they have lowest rates; I’ll expect the capital markets to return to their positions and with them the value of the funds invested by me

I won’t be worried, because I know that the capital markets will begin to grow; I’ll use the ideal opportunity to invest more funds considering the current low prices

7.  If you can increase significantly the yield of the funds invested by you by taking higher risk level, would you do that?

8.  The following illustration depicts the highest and lowest possible value of an investment of BGN 10 000 for one year, invested in three exemplary Mutual Funds. Which fund would you invest in, considering the yield?


The value of units of DV Asset Management mutual funds and the income from them can go down. Profit is not guaranteed and investors may not recover the full amount invested. Investments in units of DV Asset Management mutual funds are not guaranteed by a guarantee fund established by the State or any other warranty. Previous performance of mutual funds do not necessarily guide to future results.