Units’ Prices

The units of DV Eurobond are publically offered since 17 November 2003.

 Select a period from the calendar in order to see the values of DV Eurobond units.

Net asset Value per Unit of DV Eurobond since the beginning of the activity

Unit Prices for transferring from DV Mutual Funds to DV Eurobond

DateIssue priceRedemption priceIssue price (if transferring from DV Balance – Class A (Harmony))Issue price (if transferring from DV Dynamic)Net Asset Value per unit
24.04.2019BGN 25.3592BGN 25.2832BGN 25.3845BGN 25.5364BGN 25.3212
23.04.2019BGN 25.3392BGN 25.2632BGN 25.3645BGN 25.5163BGN 25.3012
22.04.2019BGN 25.3377BGN 25.2619BGN 25.3630BGN 25.5148BGN 25.2998
19.04.2019BGN 25.3311BGN 25.2553BGN 25.3564BGN 25.5082BGN 25.2932
18.04.2019BGN 25.3300BGN 25.2542BGN 25.3553BGN 25.5071BGN 25.2921
17.04.2019BGN 25.3176BGN 25.2418BGN 25.3429BGN 25.4946BGN 25.2797
16.04.2019BGN 25.3128BGN 25.2370BGN 25.3381BGN 25.4897BGN 25.2749
15.04.2019BGN 25.3126BGN 25.2368BGN 25.3379BGN 25.4895BGN 25.2747
12.04.2019BGN 25.3021BGN 25.2263BGN 25.3274BGN 25.4789BGN 25.2642
11.04.2019BGN 25.3158BGN 25.2400BGN 25.3411BGN 25.4928BGN 25.2779
10.04.2019BGN 25.3169BGN 25.2411BGN 25.3422BGN 25.4939BGN 25.2790
09.04.2019BGN 25.3126BGN 25.2368BGN 25.3379BGN 25.4895BGN 25.2747
08.04.2019BGN 25.3080BGN 25.2322BGN 25.3333BGN 25.4849BGN 25.2701
05.04.2019BGN 25.3070BGN 25.2312BGN 25.3323BGN 25.4839BGN 25.2691
04.04.2019BGN 25.3056BGN 25.2298BGN 25.3309BGN 25.4825BGN 25.2677
03.04.2019BGN 25.3071BGN 25.2313BGN 25.3324BGN 25.4840BGN 25.2692
02.04.2019BGN 25.3186BGN 25.2428BGN 25.3439BGN 25.4956BGN 25.2807
01.04.2019BGN 25.3020BGN 25.2262BGN 25.3273BGN 25.4788BGN 25.2641
29.03.2019BGN 25.3055BGN 25.2297BGN 25.3308BGN 25.4824BGN 25.2676
28.03.2019BGN 25.2963BGN 25.2205BGN 25.3215BGN 25.4731BGN 25.2584

You can save the units’prices data of DV Eurobond and prices for transfer from DV Mutual Funds to DV Eurobond for a specific period in .xls format. Select a period from the calendar and press the Export button.


The value of units of DV Asset Management mutual funds and the income from them can go down. Profit is not guaranteed and investors may not recover the full amount invested. Investments in units of DV Asset Management mutual funds are not guaranteed by a guarantee fund established by the State or any other warranty. Previous performance of mutual funds do not necessarily guide to future results.