Units’ Prices

The units of DV Eurobond are publically offered since 17 November 2003.

 Select a period from the calendar in order to see the values of DV Eurobond units.

Net asset Value per Unit of DV Eurobond since the beginning of the activity

Unit Prices for transferring from DV Mutual Funds to DV Eurobond

DateIssue priceRedemption priceIssue price (if transferring from DV Balance – Class A (Harmony))Issue price (if transferring from DV Dynamic)Net Asset Value per unit
18.10.2018BGN 24.8960BGN 24.8214BGN 24.9208BGN 25.0700BGN 24.8587
17.10.2018BGN 24.8912BGN 24.8166BGN 24.9160BGN 25.0652BGN 24.8539
16.10.2018BGN 24.8756BGN 24.8010BGN 24.9004BGN 25.0494BGN 24.8383
15.10.2018BGN 24.8690BGN 24.7946BGN 24.8939BGN 25.0429BGN 24.8318
12.10.2018BGN 24.8681BGN 24.7937BGN 24.8930BGN 25.0420BGN 24.8309
11.10.2018BGN 24.8644BGN 24.7900BGN 24.8893BGN 25.0382BGN 24.8272
10.10.2018BGN 24.8637BGN 24.7893BGN 24.8886BGN 25.0375BGN 24.8265
09.10.2018BGN 24.9365BGN 24.8619BGN 24.9614BGN 25.1108BGN 24.8992
08.10.2018BGN 24.9382BGN 24.8634BGN 24.9631BGN 25.1125BGN 24.9008
05.10.2018BGN 24.9340BGN 24.8594BGN 24.9589BGN 25.1083BGN 24.8967
04.10.2018BGN 24.9394BGN 24.8646BGN 24.9643BGN 25.1137BGN 24.9020
03.10.2018BGN 24.9501BGN 24.8753BGN 24.9750BGN 25.1245BGN 24.9127
02.10.2018BGN 24.9501BGN 24.8753BGN 24.9750BGN 25.1245BGN 24.9127
01.10.2018BGN 24.9475BGN 24.8727BGN 24.9724BGN 25.1218BGN 24.9101
28.09.2018BGN 24.9469BGN 24.8721BGN 24.9718BGN 25.1212BGN 24.9095
27.09.2018BGN 24.9454BGN 24.8706BGN 24.9703BGN 25.1197BGN 24.9080
26.09.2018BGN 24.5819BGN 24.5083BGN 24.6065BGN 24.7537BGN 24.5451
25.09.2018BGN 24.5806BGN 24.5070BGN 24.6052BGN 24.7524BGN 24.5438
21.09.2018BGN 24.5900BGN 24.5164BGN 24.6146BGN 24.7619BGN 24.5532
20.09.2018BGN 24.5882BGN 24.5146BGN 24.6128BGN 24.7601BGN 24.5514

You can save the units’prices data of DV Eurobond and prices for transfer from DV Mutual Funds to DV Eurobond for a specific period in .xls format. Select a period from the calendar and press the Export button.


The value of units of DV Asset Management mutual funds and the income from them can go down. Profit is not guaranteed and investors may not recover the full amount invested. Investments in units of DV Asset Management mutual funds are not guaranteed by a guarantee fund established by the State or any other warranty. Previous performance of mutual funds do not necessarily guide to future results.