Units’ Prices

DV Treasure units are publically offered since 8 October 2007.

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Net asset Value per Unit of DV Treasure since the beginning of the activity

Prices of DV Treasure units for the last twenty days since the selected date below:

DateIssue priceRedemption price 1Redemption price 2Redemption price 3Net Asset Value per unit
22.01.2019BGN 22.5072BGN 22.5072BGN 22.2821BGN 21.6069BGN 22.5072
21.01.2019BGN 22.5189BGN 22.5189BGN 22.2937BGN 21.6181BGN 22.5189
18.01.2019BGN 22.5042BGN 22.5042BGN 22.2792BGN 21.6040BGN 22.5042
17.01.2019BGN 22.4143BGN 22.4143BGN 22.1902BGN 21.5177BGN 22.4143
16.01.2019BGN 22.3751BGN 22.3751BGN 22.1513BGN 21.4801BGN 22.3751
15.01.2019BGN 22.3828BGN 22.3828BGN 22.1590BGN 21.4875BGN 22.3828
14.01.2019BGN 22.3867BGN 22.3867BGN 22.1628BGN 21.4912BGN 22.3867
11.01.2019BGN 22.4357BGN 22.4357BGN 22.2113BGN 21.5383BGN 22.4357
10.01.2019BGN 22.4371BGN 22.4371BGN 22.2127BGN 21.5396BGN 22.4371
09.01.2019BGN 22.4007BGN 22.4007BGN 22.1767BGN 21.5047BGN 22.4007
08.01.2019BGN 22.3803BGN 22.3803BGN 22.1565BGN 21.4851BGN 22.3803
07.01.2019BGN 22.3342BGN 22.3342BGN 22.1109BGN 21.4408BGN 22.3342
04.01.2019BGN 22.3231BGN 22.3231BGN 22.0999BGN 21.4302BGN 22.3231
03.01.2019BGN 22.3204BGN 22.3204BGN 22.0972BGN 21.4276BGN 22.3204
02.01.2019BGN 22.3924BGN 22.3924BGN 22.1685BGN 21.4967BGN 22.3924
31.12.2018BGN 22.4220BGN 22.4220BGN 22.1978BGN 21.5251BGN 22.4220
28.12.2018BGN 22.4243BGN 22.4243BGN 22.2001BGN 21.5273BGN 22.4243
27.12.2018BGN 22.3695BGN 22.3695BGN 22.1458BGN 21.4747BGN 22.3695
21.12.2018BGN 22.4418BGN 22.4418BGN 22.2174BGN 21.5441BGN 22.4418
20.12.2018BGN 22.4384BGN 22.4384BGN 22.2140BGN 21.5409BGN 22.4384

¹ 0% provided that the child has completed 18-years of age and the investment is for a period over 5 years
² 1% provided that the child has completed 18-years of age and the investment is for a period of 5 years
³ 4% provided that the child is below 18-years old

You can save the  units’ prices data of DV Treasure for a specific period in .xls format. Select a period from the calendar below and press the Export button.


The value of units of DV Asset Management mutual funds and the income from them can go down. Profit is not guaranteed and investors may not recover the full amount invested. Investments in units of DV Asset Management mutual funds are not guaranteed by a guarantee fund established by the State or any other warranty. Previous performance of mutual funds do not necessarily guide to future results.